CASE NUMBER FORMAT EXAMPLE: 07001234. Do not use spaces or dashes. Case numbers are 8 digits long.
INCIDENT REPORT SEARCH CRITERIA: you must enter a date or date range. We recommend using the date and case number as your only search criteria. You can also search by name or incident address with the date if this information appears the same way on the report.
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If a report you are looking for does not appear this means either the report is not ready, it is confidential and not available on this website, or your search criteria needs adjusting.

A date or date range is required.

If the report is not available on this website, you may obtain information regarding the procedures for submitting a public records request by calling the Coral Gables Records Section 305-460-5477. Pop-up blockers must be disabled and a PDF viewer must be installed to view reports.

Case numbers must be entered in an 8 digit format. If the case number you were given is 07-1234 it must be entered as 07001234

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